Office of Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

The Office of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) develops and supports systems and programs for the Department’s TMS infrastructure.  

Office of TMS Resources:

  • Industrial control systems – we develop and support industrial control systems and software for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including traffic signals, ramp meters, and changeable message signs, roadway weather information, and vehicle detection.  We establish standards, develop the Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES), and perform prototyping, testing, and quality assurance of industry developed control equipment. 
  • Central management systems – we perform project management, systems engineering, and maintenance for central systems at transportation management centers throughout the state.  We perform asset management of ITS elements and evaluate lifecycle replacement projects.
  • ITS Program Management – we lead the management of statewide traffic signals, ramp metering, and TMS support programs and ensure that cost and performance targets are established, measured, and achieved.

Other Related:

  • Title 21 Support - Caltrans is mandated by State Administrative law to develop and maintain a specification that enables interoperability between all Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) agencies in the State. The Division provides resources to maintain a data registry for unique data assignments, and respond to technical inquiries about the specification and its implementation in system design.

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