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2011 Caltrans Workers Memorial
Thursday, April 28, 2011

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In the 2010-11 fiscal year, Caltrans planned to deliver 346 projects worth $3.9 billion. Complete list of projects.

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Office of Strategic Management

The Office of Strategic Management is responsible for implementing performance based management within the Department, and for serving as a liaison to other departments in the Strategic Plan 2014 LogoCalifornia State Transportation Agency on performance based management issues. The Office develops and updates the Strategic Plan; annually updates the Operational Plan; collects data and prepares the quarterly Performance Measures report; collects data and prepares the quarterly Stewardship Report to the Federal Highway Administration; and conducts the Department's biennial Stakeholder Survey.

In addition, the Office of Strategic Management participates in a review and advisory capacity in many Department initiatives and special projects, including, but not limited to, Smart Mobility, the California Transportation Plan, Transportation System Information, and Research and Innovation Projects.


In early 2012, Caltrans undertook the Program Review to look at our business processes to ensure that we are well-prepared for the future. This included examining our role in transportation, our partnerships and processes. This effort sets the tone for us to evaluate how we do business and a kick off a systematic, continuous improvement process.

We interviewed internal leaders, accepted input from employees and surveyed more than 60 local and regional partners. We received responses from the majority of you, with some interesting results.

The outcome of these efforts will be a more focused organization in operating and maintaining the State transportation infrastructure as well as a strong partner in planning and building the transportation system of the future. Across all modes of transportation, Caltrans will work to give the public a safe and dependable transportation system for travel and the movement for goods and services.

Caltrans is now moving into the implementation of the Program Review recommendations. We will continue to seek input as we further develop the actions.

Links to the Program Review report and the summary of the external survey of regional and local partners are provided below:

Strategic Planning

Rural Performance Measures Project

The Performance Measures for Rural Transportation Systems Guidebook is a toolbox from which rural agencies can draw to construct standardized and supportable performance measures in several key transportation areas including: Safety, System Preservation, Mobility, Accessibility, Reliability, Productivity and Return on Investment.