California Department of Transportation

HSEB Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Classification

How do I update the functional classification for a road? There is a four step application process. Go to the Functional Classification page for further information.

Can I get a map of my city showing all the funtionally classified roads? The California Road System (CRS) maps show all functionally classified roads in the State of California. The maps are arranged so that you may click on a general area and it will give you all the maps in that area. You may then view, print, or download them. See CRS Maps.

Highway Systems in California

What is the National Highway System? The National Highway System (NHS) is explained fully on the NHS page on this website. There are links to much more NHS information on that page.

Where can I find information on the Scenic Highway System? The Scenic Highway System is managed through the Landscape Archetecture Program. For more information, go to their website at Scenic Highway System.

Where can I find some quick information about State Highway Routes, where they are located, and when they were added to the State Highway System? Basic information about all State Highway Routes may be found in the State Highway Routes Selected Information 1994 with 1995 Revisions.

Where can I find information about officially named freeways, memorial Named Freeways, Highways, Blue Star Memorial Highways, Highway Structures, Safety Roadside Rests, and Plaques on the California Highway Systems.? In most cases, the memorial name of a section of highway is not the same as the ‘name’ of that highway. This information may be found in our publication, Named Freeways, Highways, Structures and Other Appurtenances in California.

Where can I find more information about the 2000 Census Data how it affects Urbanized and Urban Areas? Find more information at the FHWA FAQS page relating to Census Data. FHWA: Frequently Asked Questions Applying 2000 Census Data to Urbanized and Urban Areas