California Department of Transportation


The Transportation Planning Workshop is a week long course that showcases how the Division of Transportation Planning relates and connects to the modal programs and other divisions within Caltrans.  The workshop consists of presentations from subject matter experts, team exercises, and field visits of innovative transportation projects. 

The workshops are geographically focused and periodically move from district to district.  Each workshop provides a good highlight of relevant trends, issues, and projects that effect the host district.


Transportation Planning Workshop - April 2014 (Visalia, CA)







Transportation Planning Workshop - October 2012 (Emeryville, CA)


Annual surveys of Planning Districts and modal Divisions in headquarters determine Workshop allocations for the upcoming fiscal year. All headquartered Divisions that report to the Deputy Director for Planning and Modal Programs are included in the survey (e.g., Aeronautics, Local Assistance, Mass Transportation, Rail, Transportation Planning, and Transportation Systems Information).

Please contact the District or modal Division HQ Workshop Coordinator for further information.


Please contact Jeff Ng for further information.