California Department of Transportation

Office of Project Scoping Coordination

The Office of Project Scoping Coordination (OPSC) was created in November 2000 to manage the resources for Project Initiation Documents (PIDs) work in the Districts. The creation of the office was in response to a transfer of resources from Capital Outlay Support to Planning. PIDs are required to be developed and approved by Caltrans before any major (greater than $1 million) or high complexity project can be programmed and constructed on the State Highway System. OPSC and PIDs are seen as the bridge between transportation infrastructure planning and project delivery.

Projects requiring a PID must be identified in a Regional Transportation Planning Agency or Caltrans plan, such as a Regional Transportation Plan or 10-Year SHOPP Plan. OPSC works with Caltrans district Planning Divisions to schedule the completion of PIDs, allowing projects a reasonable opportunity to be programmed through a funding cycle. This increased level of coordination is essential to ensure that resources provided to create PIDs results in projects that are prepared for funding.



Marlon Flournoy, PMP, is the Chief of the Office of Project Scoping Coordination.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do non-STIP projects require a PID?

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PID Reimbursement FAQs [PDF]


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