California Department of Transportation

System Planning Branch


The System Planning Branch is fundamental to Caltrans’ long-range planning for interregional transportation, corridor system management, and multimodal statewide travel analysis on the State Highway System (SHS).  System Planning provides the basis for identifying current and future deficiencies on the SHS and identifies strategies and projects to address deficiencies and make improvements to meet Caltrans goals.

At the Headquarters level, the System Planning Branch develops policy; provides guidance; provides technical assistance; produces state-wide plans and reports; serves as a central point for system information; responds to Executive, Legislative, and public inquiries; and reviews District planning projects.  District-level System Planning produces detailed corridor, district, and multimodal level plans and coordinates directly with local and regional agencies, stakeholders, and the public.


System Planning Analysis & Support

Caltrans Broadband Information

The purpose of this map is to communicate general location of planned projects on the State Highway System with external stakeholders. External stakeholders can use this information to determine if there are opportunities to partner with Caltrans on projects. The projects on this map are either in the preliminary engineering phase or are expected to begin the preliminary engineering phase in the future.

Additional Information

The System Planning Branch assists with the identification of State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Cycle State Highway and Intercity Rail Needs.  Section 20 of the STIP Guidelines require Caltrans to identify State Highway and Intercity Rail improvement needs for the upcoming STIP cycles.  Below are the statewide project lists for consideration in regional agencies 2014, 2016 and 2018 STIP cycles:

The Corridor Mobility Website posts all District TCRs, DSMPs and CSMPs:



Rusty Thornton, Chief
System Planning Branch Chief
(916) 653-4590

Juven Alvarez
Districts 1, 2, & 5 System Planning Liaison
(916) 653-2978

Jennifer White
Districts 3, 11 &12 System Planning Liaison
(916) 653-1965

Abteen Kashkouli
Districts 4, 6, 9 & 10 System Planning Liaison
(916) 653-9966

Florigna Feliciano
Districts 7 & 8 System Planning Liaison
(916) 651-6010