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The Office of Community Planning has conducted this planning project, in partnership with US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and in collaboration with other state project partners: the Governor's Office of Planning & Research (OPR) and the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD). It produced a planning guide that furthers integration of smart growth concepts into transportation in California.

The intent was to develop a planning framework that would help guide and assess how well plans, programs, and projects meet a definition of "smart mobility". The goal was to ensure applicability of the framework for Caltrans as well as for partner agencies. It is to be used to guide development of products as well as assess how well products meet "smart mobility" principles and criteria.

Ideally, the framework can be applied to various levels of plans, programs, or projects (e.g., Regional Transportation and Blueprint Plans, General Plans, corridor plans, specific development proposals, etc.) in all parts of the state (i.e., urban, suburban, and rural).













For more information on the Smart Mobility Framework (SMF), see below:

Planning Horizons Presentation: July 2010


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