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Project Delivery's role is to facilitate the delivery of capital projects on our State Highway system that will improve the movement of people, goods and services across California. Within Project Delivery, the Divisions of Design, Construction, Engineering Services, Environmental Analysis, Project Management and Right of Way and Land Surveys help facilitate the delivery of the Department's capital projects.


Project Delivery Quarterly

The Project Delivery Quarterly highlights creative transportation solutions developed through collaboration of a number of diverse functional areas. Under the leadership of the Chief Engineer and the twelve District Directors, the functions of Project Management, Environmental Analysis, Design, Right of Way and Land Surveys, Engineering Services, and Construction work together to conceive, design, and build highways, bridges, and other transportation facilities for the traveling public described in the quarterly publications below.

PDQ Winter Winter 2015 PDQ

Livability and Project Delivery focuses on how livability, a component of sustainability, can be improved by transportation infrastructure. The first two articles provide greater definition of livability, followed by articles highlighting examples of Caltrans partnerships, activities and projects that improve livability for travelers and communities.

spacer PDQ Summer 2014 Summer 2014 PDQ

Sustainable Investments and Project Delivery focuses on how economic sustainability principles are incorporated into Project Delivery’s projects and processes.

PDQ Spring 2014 Spring 2014 PDQ

Sustainability and Project Delivery provides a comprehensive definition of sustainability principles and outlines Caltrans activities related to sustainability.

  PDQ Winter 2014 Winter 2014 PDQ

Partnering for Success emphasizes the importance of effective partnerships in meeting the evolving transportation needs of the state. Articles focus on Project Delivery products and services intended to foster and enhance partnerships with external and internal stakeholders.


Project Delivery Directives

Project Delivery Directives are issued to provide direction and guidance on project delivery policies, standards and best practices.

Date Document Name


PD-14 Policy & Guidelines for use of Cost + Time Bidding Provisions


PD-13 Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP)


PD-12 Capital Outlay Support (COS) Charging Practices


PD-11 Management of Capital Project Support Budgets


PD-10 Permissible Design Activities during the NEPA Process


PD-09 Project Risk Management Manual: A Scalable Approach


PD-08 Earned Value Management of Capital Outlay Projects


PD-07 Response to Bidder Inquiries


PD-06 Sharing of Electronic Files


PD-05 Constructability Reviews


PD-04 Project Contingencies and Supplemental Work


PD-03 Completion of the Remaining Metric Project on the SHS



PD-02 Contaminated Property Acquisition



PD-01 Project Delivery Directives




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