Structure Policy and Innovation

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Ruth Fernandes
Deputy Division Chief (A)
California State Bridge Engineer

Welcome to the California Department of Transportation's Division of Engineering Services' Structure Policy and Innovation website. Our offices provide support services to the Division of Engineering Services. Below is a description of each office in the Structure Policy and Innovation subdivision.

Mark Mahan
Office Chief
Office of Earthquake Engineering Analysis and Research
  • Design support for seismic design and structural dynamic analysis practices and procedures
  • Custodian for State Seismic Fault Map

Joel Magaña
Office Chief
Office of Design & Technical Services

  • Structural design and design/construction support for ancillary structures on the State Highway System
  • Standards and guidance for bridge deck joints & bearings, highway sign structures, signals, & lighting, soundwalls, bridge barriers & railings, and culverts & underground structures.
  • Hydraulic analysis and recommendations for all waterways on the State Highway System

Sue Hida
Office Chief
Office of State Bridge Engineer Support

  • Focuses on bridge loads, concrete, steel, substructures, earth retaining structures
  • AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges & Structures support
  • Internal
    • CA Amendments to AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications
    • Caltrans Structural Guidance Material
    • Support during Project Delivery
  • External
    • Prepare for annual AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Bridge/Structures Annual Meeting
    • Review/comment on research
    • Work with Industry Partners

Nina Choy
Office Chief
Office of Structure Quality Management

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