Office of Special Funded Projects (OSFP)

Welcome to the home page of the Office of Special Funded Projects (OSFP), a unit of the Division of Engineering Services. We provide liaison and technical support to ensure that transportation structures on the State Highway System, which are designed by others, conform to Caltrans' policies, standards, and practices.

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What's New:

October 2016 - Updates to the Bridge Standard Detail (XS) Sheets

The Division of Engineering Services has issued revisions to the Bridge Standard Detail (XS) Sheets. The documents are available at the Bridge Standard Detail Sheets website.

July 2016 - Revised Design Standards and Guidance Documents

The Division of Engineering Services has issued revisions to their design documents as listed below. The documents are available at the Technical Publications website.

  • Bridge Design Aids
    • BDA 12-2 Permissible Horizontal Load for Standard Plan and Steel HP Piles – May 2016
    • BDA 12-3 Pile Load Test Details Sheet for CISS Piles up to 8000 kips – April 2016
  • Memos to Designers
    • MTD 20-4  (Update) Seismic Retrofit Guidelines for Bridges in California – June 2016
    • MTD 20-7 Seismic Design of Slab Bridges – April 2016
    • MTD 20-9  (Update)  Splices in Bar Reinforcement Steel – April 2016
  • Bridge Standard Detail Sheets (XS Sheets) – July 2016
    • New borders all sheets
    • 42 new or revised sheets
    • 11 sheets moved to Standard Plans
    • Updated landing page for BDD 1-16 (plan preparation) and example
  • Caltrans Seismic Design Specifications for Steel Bridges – 2nd Edition – June 2016

July 2016 - Revised Construction Contract Standards

The Office Engineer has issued revisions to their standards as listed below. The documents are available at the Office Engineer Construction Contract Standards website.

  • Revised Standard Specifications:
    • Section 49 Piling – Several items
    • Section 50 Prestressing Concrete – Precast Stress Jack Requirements updates
    • Section 51 Concrete Structures – Drainage Inlets updates
    • Section 56 Overhead Sign Structures, Standards, and Poles – Standards & Poles updates
    • Section 59 Structural Steel Coatings – Manuf. Abrasives & minor revisions updates
    • Section 90 Concrete – Returned Plastic Concrete
  • Revised Standard Plans (digest of revisions available at OE’s website). Revised 60 sheets including:
    • Type 60P Concrete Barrier
    • Drainage inlets (precast and CIP)
    • Bridge railings with sidewalks
    • Bridge railings (steel post-and-beam)
    • Poles, signals, and lighting)
July 2016 - New Concrete Barrier Type 732SW

Type 732SW barrier with sidewalk has been designed as a replacement for Type 26 as part of the implementation of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). The barrier is currently being implemented as Bridge Standard Details Sheets xs-16-110-1 and 2 and will be placed in the Standard Plans at a later date.
Implementation Memo
Bridge Technical Publications - Standard Details Sheets


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