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Structures Technical Advisory Panel for Research


The Structures Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) assists the Structures & Geotechnical Program Steering Committee in developing a coherent, coordinated research agenda in support of Department goals, ensuring technical quality of research projects, and developing appropriate deployment paths for research products.


  • Develop structure research thrust areas.
  • Solicit, review, evaluate, and rank structure research problem statements.
  • Review, evaluate and rank structure research proposals.
  • Ensure technical quality of structure research projects.
  • Identify deployment opportunities for research products and oversee deployment implementation.
  • Sponsor multi-disciplinary Work Teams who will be responsible for providing technical support and implementing structure research deployment plans.
  • Assist in development of program level multi-year integrated research plans.

Structures TAP Strategic Plan

Ensure structure and seismic research effectively supports the goals of the Department and meets the needs of practicing bridge engineers. Develop overarching research thrust areas to create a framework for the development and evaluation of structure and seismic research proposals. Ensure the highest priority research is being investigated by the most qualified research institution. Ensure the successful evaluation and implementation of structure and seismic research results. Develop and document an effective, efficient Structure research program process. Maintain strong internal and external lines of communication and forge strategic partnerships to support the Structure Research program.

The Seismic Research Program cover these categories of research work:

1- Improved seismic details

2- Soil/foundation Interaction

3- Advanced Composite materials testing/evaluation.

4- Seismic Response Modification Devices

5- Strong Motion Instrumentation, SMIP and Bridge performance Monitoring

6- Ground Motion Investigation

7- Developing new design Tools

8- Steel Bridges research

Completed Research Reports:

( you can also browse the reports by vendor here)

Vendor Main Report Report No.  
Aerospace Development of Machine-Augmented Composite for Infrastructure Applications (CD) Report ATR 2004-1 all files
Aerospace The Application of Qualification Testing, Field Testing and Accelerated Testing of Estimating Long-Term Durability of Composite Materials for Caltrans Applications 2004, 2005 7796-1 all files
Aerospace Using Composites in Seismic Retrofit Applications 2005 7796-2 all files
Cal Poly Concrete Bridge Deck Crack Sealing: An Overview of Research Report 59A0459 all files
Caltrans SEISMIC HAZARD MAPS 1996   all files
CSUS Plastic Energy Absorbtion Capacity of #18 Reinforcing Bar Splices Under Monotonic Loading Report 638041-33174 all files
Missouri S&T Crack Detection in RC Columns Report 59A0571 all files
North Carolina State University A706 Grade 80 Reinforcement for Seismic Applications Report 65A0525  
San Jose State University The Effects of Heat of Hydration of Mass Concrete for Cast-In-Place Concrete Piles Report 59A0521 all files
Texas A&M A General Methodology to Non-Destructively Evaluate Bridge Structural Safety   all files
UC Berkeley Analysis of Ordinary Bridges Crossing Fault Rupture Zones Report EERC 2008-01 all files
UC Berkeley Near-Fault Seismic Ground Motions Report Report EERC 2007-03 all files
UC Berkeley Effects of Local Deformations on Lateral Response of Bridge Frames DESIGN/ANALYSIS EXAMPLE , Report 1/2, Report 2/2   all files
UC Berkeley Viscous Heating of Fluid Dampers Under Wind and Seismic Loading: Experimental Studies, Mathematical Modeling and Design Formulae Report EERC 2006/-01 all files
UC Berkeley Fatigue Life Evaluation of Changeable Message Sign Structures, Report 1997-13 all files
UC Davis Development of Guidelines for Incorporation of Vertical Ground Motion Effects in Seismic Design of Highway Bridges Report 59A0434 all files
UC Irvine Long-Term Structural Performance Monitoring of Bridges   all files
UC Irvine Socio-Economic Effect of Seismic Retrofit Implemented on Bridges in Los Angeles Highway Network Report   all files
UC Irvine Structural_Qualificaton_Testing_of_Composit-Jacketed_Circular_and_Rectangular_Bridge_Columns Report 1999-01 all files
UC San Diego Long-Term Performance of Epoxy Bonded Rebar Couplers report SSRP 09/09  
UC San Diego Experimental and Analytical Investigation on Stiffness and Ultimate Capacity of Bridge Abutments Report 2007-12 all files
UC San Diego Performance of Lead-Rubber and Sliding Bearings under Different Axial Load and Velocity Conditions 06-5 Report 2006-05 all files
UC San Diego A Simplified Method For Prediction of Long-Term Prestress Loss in Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges Report 2006/21 all files
UC San Diego Structrual Response Assessment of Soil Nail Wall Facings Report 96/01 all files
UC San Diego Assessment of FRP Composite Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Structures at the Component and Systems Level Through Progressive Damage and Non-Destructive Evaluation Report 2006/12 all files
UC San Diego Cyclic Tests of Structural Wall with Highly-Confined Boundary Elements Phase III-Web Crushing (CD) Report 2001/27 all files
UC San Diego Development of Resistance Factors For LRFD Design For FRP Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Bridges Report 2006/13 all files
UC San Diego Effect of Pile Diameter on the Modulus of Sup-Grade reaction Report 2001/22 all files
UC San Diego Effects of Construction Methods on the Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts Report 2004/17 all files
UC San Diego Effects of Fabrication Procedures and Weld Melt-Through on Fatigue Resistance of Orthotropic Steel Deck Welds Report 2007/13 all files
UC San Diego Experimental Investigation of Ductility of In-Ground Hinges in Solid and Hollow Prestressed Piles Report 97/17 all files
UC San Diego Experimental Verification of the Influence of Time0Dependent Material Properties on Long-Term Bridge Characteristics Report 2006/20 all files
UC San Diego Field Investigation Report for Abutment Backfill Characterization Report 2005/02 all files
UC San Diego Flexural Behavior of Circular Hollow Columns with a Single Layer of Reinforcement under Seismic Loading Report 2000/13 all files
UC San Diego Full Scale Load Testing of Sand-Jacks Report 2005/06 all files
UC San Diego Hygrothermal Effects on Durability and Moisture Kinetics of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Report 2006/15 all files
UC San Diego Investigation of Integrity and Effectiveness of RC Bridge Deck Rehabilitation with CFRP Composites Report 04/08 all files
UC San Diego Response of the Coronado Bay Bridge Pile-to-Pile Cap Connections Under Simulated Seismic Loads Report 97/11 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Design and Performance of Precast Concrete Segmental Bridge Columns (CD) Report 2001/25 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Performance of CIDH Pile-Supported Footings (CD) Report 2001/26 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Performance of Circular Hollow Columns Subjected to High Shear (CD) Report 2001/01 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Performance of Hollow Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Piers with Highly-Confined Boundary Element Phase I & Phase II Report 99/15 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Performance of Precast Segmental Bridge Superstructures (CD) Report 2001/24 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Response of Integral Bridge Connections Report 2000/16 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Response of Precast Segmental Bridge Superstructures Report 2006/18 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Response of Sacrificial Exterior Shear Keys in Bridge Abutments Report 2004/14 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Response of Sacrificial Shear Keys in Bridge Abutments Report 2001/23 all files
UC San Diego Seismic Testing of Precast Segmental Bridges Phase III: Bridge System Test Report 2005/01 all files
UC San Diego Structural Systems Research Report Report 2006/16 all files
UC San Diego The Assessment of Aspects Related to Defect Criticality in CFRP Strengthened Concrete Flexural Members Report 2006/11 all files
UC San Diego Durability Data for FRP Rehabilitation Systems Report 2009/05 all files
UC San Diego
Structural Response of Near Surface Mounted CFRP Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck Overhang Report
2009/03 all files
UC San Diego TILT: The Treasure Island Liquefaction Test Report 2001/17 all files
UCLA Full Scale Cyclic Testing of Foundation Support Systems for Highway Bridges.
Part I: Drilled Shaft Foundations
2007/01 all files
UCLA Abutment Backwalls: Full scale Cyclic Testing of Fondation Support Systems for Highway Bridges, Part II UCLA-SGEL 2007/02 all files
UN Reno Impact f Aspect Ratio on Two-Column Bent Seismic Performance Report 2004-03 all files
UN Reno Recommendations for the Design of Beams and Posts in Bridge Falsework Report 2005/11 all files
UN Reno Seismic Performance of RC Bridge Columns Reinforced with Two Interlocking Spirals Report 2004/06 all files
UN Reno Seismic Performance of RC Bridge Frames with Architectural Flared Columns Report 2003-03 all files
UN Reno Static and Dynamic Performance of Bridge Bents with Architectural-Flared Columns Report 2003-08 all files
UN Reno Laterally Loaded Long or Intermediate Shafts of Small or Large Diameter in Layered Soil TOC, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Abstract, Refs. 59A0348 all files
USC Damper System Identification and Damage Detection Report   all files





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