California Department of Transportation

Authorized Materials List

Disclaimer:  The materials included on this list are authorized for use on
California Department of Transportation projects.  Authorization does not constitute
an endorsement by the California Department of Transportation.  Field performance of
these materials will continue to be monitored.


New Material Guidelines

Innocuous Aggregates for Concrete

Strip Joint Seal Assemblies with max MR 4 inches

Anaerobic Threadlocking Compounds

Cementitious Materials for use in Concrete

Cementitious Pipeliners and Concrete Invert Paving

Chemical Adhesives / Cartridge Epoxies

Concrete Anchorage Devices

Corrosion Protection Coverings

Detectable Warning Surface

Earth Retaining Systems

External Battery Backup System Cabinet

Flexible Pavement Crack Treatment Material

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders

Graffiti Removal and Preventative Materials

Headed Bar Reinforcement

Highway Safety Features

High-Performance Glass Beads

Authorized Laboratory List
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LED Traffic Signals

Lime for Soil Stabilization

Methyl Methacrylate Traffic Paint

Noise Barrier Systems

Organic Zinc Rich Primer

Post-Tensioning Systems

Precast Portland Cement Based Repair Material

Resistance Welding Fabricators

Seismic Dampers

Seismic Isolators

Signing Delineation Materials

Silane Reactive Penetrating Sealers

Silicone Joint Sealant

Steel Reinforcing Couplers

Temporary Traffic Screen

Two Component Traffic Paint

Traffic Signal Control Equipment

Inorganic Zinc-Rich Primer

Warm Mix Asphalt

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