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Materials Engineering and Testing Services


Caltrans Materials Engineering and Testing Services conducts specialized laboratory and field testing, provides inspections and gives expert advice on all phases of transportation engineering involving materials and manufactured products. These services are available nowhere else in the Department. METS also provides technical expertise for the development of statewide standards, guidelines and procedure manuals. Below are the METS Offices and their responsibilities.


  • Office of Roadway Materials Testing :  Asphalt Concrete Lab Testing, Asphalt Concrete Pavement Consultation and Investigation, Technical Support for Independent Assurance, Pavement Lab Testing and Field Testing, Chemical Testing, Electrical Testing, Instrumentation Services
  • Office of Structural Materials:  Quality Assurance and Source Inspection of Materials, Metallurgy, Structural Materials Testing, Corrosion Technology, Portland Cement Concrete Materials Testing

The Materials Administrator provides identification and communication of Materials Sampling and Testing Requirements.

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