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Stormwater Quality Manuals and Handbooks


About Construction Site Best Management Practices (BMPs) Manual and SWPPP/WPCP Manuals

"The Construction Site Best Management Practices (BMPs) Manual" and the "Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) Preparation Manual" incorporate the requirements of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, Statewide Stormwater Permit and Waste Discharge Requirements for the State of California, Department of Transportation (Order No. 2012-0011 -DWQ, NPDES No. CAS000003) and the NPDES General Permit, Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Stormwater Runoff Associated with Construction Activity" (Order 2009-0009-DWQ, NPDES No. CAS000002).

Construction Site Monitoring Program Guidance Manual August 2013 [pdf]

Description: This manual presents guidance for Caltrans staff and contractors to use in the planning and implementation of stormwater monitoring programs at construction sites, in compliance with:

  • Construction General Permit, Order No. 2009-0009-DWQ, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit No. CAS000002.
  • Caltrans Stormwater permit, Order No. 2012-0011 -DWQ, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit No. CAS000003.

This manual also contains Construction Site Monitoring Program (CSMP) requirements based on:

  • Caltrans Statewide Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), (Caltrans, 2016).
  • Caltrans Standard Specification.
  • Caltrans Standard Special Provisions.

This manual is designed and organized to provide descriptions of the processes used to plan and implement a successful water quality monitoring program specific to runoff from construction sites and complements Caltrans' Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) Preparation Manual (Caltrans, 2011), particularly the Caltrans SWPPP Template. This manual should be used to complete SWPPP template Section 700 CSMP based on project specific information.

Standard Operating Procedures for Turbidity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, and Conductivity January 2012 [pdf]

Description: These Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provide for the uniform execution of field measurements of turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity , ensuring that every person who performs the tasks does it the same every time it is performed. These SOPs provide all the required details necessary to perform a given procedure and are intended to be followed without deviation.

Summary of Changes - Revision of SWPPP & WPCP Preparation Manual, SWPPP and WPCP Templates, May 2012 [pdf]

Description: This technical memorandum summarizes the changes that were made and provides detailed section by section comparison of the 2007 version of the SWPPP/WPCP Preparation Manual, SWPPP template, and WPCP template to the 2011 version of the manual and templates.

SWPPP/WPCP Preparation Manual March 2011 [pdf]

Description: This document guides Contractors and Caltrans staff through the process of preparing a SWPPP and WPCP. The SWPPP and WPCP Manual provides detailed step-by-step procedures, instructions, examples and a template that contractors shall use to prepare the SWPPP/WPCP. The SWPPP/WPCP is a document that must assess the site conditions, sources of sediment and other pollutants in Stormwater and non-Stormwater discharges, identify the BMPs that will best suit the construction activities and meet Caltrans and the Clean Water Act pollution control objectives.

Construction Site BMP Manual May 2017 [pdf]

Description: This manual provides instructions for the selection and implementation of construction site BMPs. Caltrans requires contractors to identify and utilize these BMPs in the preparation of their SWPPP or WPCP. Construction site BMPs are best conventional technology/best available technology BCT/BAT)-based BMPs that are consistent with the BMPs and control practices required under the Clean Water Act.

Updated NS-2 Dewatering Operations BMP Fact Sheet [pdf]
Updated WM-8 Concrete Waste Management BMP Fact Sheet [pdf]

SWPPP/WPCP Review Guidance Manual [pdf]

Description: This document is a tool for Resident Engineers and those who are responsible for the review and approval of the SWPPPs & WPCPs submitted by the Contractors. This Manual includes checklists that identify all relevant reference materials that are necessary for a detailed and comprehensive review and outline a step-by-step systematic review process to assure that all crucial project specific elements of a SWPPP or WPCP are adequately addressed. The checklists are prepared to complement the SWPPP/WPCP Preparation Manual March 2003.

Construction Site Stormwater Quality Sampling Guidance Manual [pdf]

Description: This guidance manual provides information on how to design and evaluate a construction site water quality sampling plan to comply with Caltrans and the General Construction Permit requirements. Included in this guidance manual are model sediment/siltation or turbidity and a non-visible pollutant sampling andanalysis plans.

11x17 Non-Visible WPCDs [pdf]

11x17 Sediment WPCDs [pdf]

Stormwater Management Enforcement Guidance Manual [pdf]

Stormwater Management Enforcement Guidance Manual Appendices

Description: This manual is a resource for construction staff on the applicable contract requirements, laws, regulations, and permits applicable to Stormwaterpollution. Additionally, the manual identifies effective methods for enforcing Stormwater requirements applicable to contractors.

Construction Stormwater Coordinators (DCSWC) Manual [December 2017] [pdf]

Description: This Guidance Manual summarizes the responsibilities of the District Construction Stormwater Coordinator (CSWC) as defined in the Caltrans Construction Manual and the Caltrans Statewide Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), and as identified by Headquarters and District CSWC staff throughout the state. The Guidance Manual also provides copies of referenced forms, useful samples of working documents, andsuggestions for the CSWC to facilitate the implementation of the statewide and District-specific responsibilities for water pollution control.

Guidance for Temporary Soil Stabilization [pdf]

Description: The main purpose of this Guidance for Temporary Soil Stabilization document is to help direct the planning, selection, and implementation of Caltrans-approved temporary soil stabilization Best Management Practices (BMPS). The document also identifies solutions to common soil stabilization problems experienced on the Caltrans right of way.

BMP Field Manual and Troubleshooting Guide 8 1/2 X 11" version [pdf]

BMP Field Manual and Troubleshooting Guide 5 1/2 X 8 1/2" pocket version [pdf]

Description: The Caltrans Construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) Field Manual and Troubleshooting Guide provides guidance for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting water pollution control BMPs. This guide discusses each BMP regarding appropriate applications and key points for installation, limitations, inspection and maintenance. Preventive measures and troubleshooting problems are also discussed for each BMP.

Field Guide to Construction Site Dewatering [pdf],June 2014

Description: This Field Guide provides Caltrans Resident Engineers and appropriate field staff with the information necessary to manage dewatering operations on construction sites to maintain compliance with Federal and State water quality protection regulations.


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