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Divison of Construction

Internet Extra Work Bills

Welcome to the divisionís internet Extra Work Bill (iEWB) system webpage. Below you will find useful information for the iEWB system.

Caltrans policy requires contractors to use the internet to send extra work bills electronically to the resident engineer. The iEWB process involves payments made to contractors on highway construction projects for work performed for contract change orders. The current iEWB version allows prime contractors to send extra work bills electronically to the resident engineer for payment. Validating and verifying electronic extra work bills for correctness before sending them allows bills to be processed more efficiently than the paper process. The rejection and revision process is also improved because the extra work bill is viewable electronically by both contractor and resident engineer, eliminating delays caused by mailing paper documents. Below you will find helpful information for new and existing users of iEWB.

Contractors seeking assistance with iEWB can click here for help.

To get started using iEWB click here for instructions.

To start Contractor iCAS/EWB click here.

Caltrans users click here.

Thank you for your interest in electronic submission of internet Extra Work Bills.