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The GoCalifornia Industry Capacity Expansion (ICE) action plan is a part of the Governor's Strategic Growth Plan. The ICE effort is intended to save capital costs and fortify the heavy highway construction industry. Increasing the number of bidders reduces the capital cost of the Department's projects, potentially saving at least $100 million annually that could be used to fund additional projects. The ICE effort identified strategies and actions that enable the heavy highway construction industry to better meet the Department's future transportation program.

The Department convened two workshops with representatives from California's construction industry. The purpose of the workshops was to engage the industry in a dialogue regarding its capacity to effectively accommodate significant growth in the transportation construction industry, and to identify potential strategies for growing this capacity within the State of California.

GoCalifornia Meeting participants

The Construction Division, based on the two industry workshops, prepared an initial general action plan for accomplishing the objectives of this effort. The Construction Division subsequently developed a detailed Workplan, identifying programs and project managers responsible for ensuring that the large number of specific actions are executed.


The Workplan focuses on ten strategic areas for improvement:

If you have any questions regarding the GoCalifornia ICE Program, please contact John Bittermann (Caltrans) at John_Bittermann@dot.ca.gov