California Department of Transportation

Policy and Procedures

Roadside Management and Worker Safety

Design for Safety Practice: Roadside Paving

Highway Planting Policy

The Highway Planting Policy page includes detailed information on planting for conventional highways, controlled access highways, programming, funding, planting by others, replacement planting, maintenance, separate contracts, use of non-potable water, priorities, planting with noise barriers, and wildflower planting.

Highway Planting - Separate Contract Policy

Separate Contract Exception Request Form

Separate Contract Policy - Summary of Benefits

Booster Pump Work


Preparation of PS&E for Electrical and Mechanical Work

Procedures and Responsibilities for Electrical & Mechanical Work

Electrical Plan Requirement & Clarification

Irrigation Installation on Structures

Water Supply Lines and Sprinkler Control Conduit on Structures

Context Sensitive Design and Pedestrian Accessibility

Pedestrian Accessibility Guidelines for Highway Projects - Accessibility Design (ADA)

Main Streets: Flexibility in Design and Operations

Roadway Aesthetic Treatment Gallery