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Preferred Alternative Approval Report, August 2003 Entire Document (653K)
Attachment A (812K) Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report, May 2006 Please be aware that this document is in a portable document format (PDF). If you are unable to download the full document in one attempt, try downloading the smaller chapter groups listed below. Due to the large file sizes, some of the figures, tables, etc. referenced in the document are located under
"Figures and Tables".

For additional delivery methods, please contact: Karen McWilliams
Caltrans Office of Environmental Management
2389 Gateway Oaks Drive, MS15
Sacramento, CA 95833
916-274-0631 or
E-mail Karen.McWilliams@dot.ca.gov

Entire Document (14.1 MB)
Cover (544K)
Title Page (52K)
Summary (940K)
Acronyms (112K)
Appendix E (3.7M)
Appendix E (272K)
EPA 9-30-02
Appendix E (228K)
EPA 2-25-03
Appendix E (92K)
EPA Submittal Ltr ACOE Permit App.
Appendix E (80K)
Ltr to EPA 11-23-04
Appendix J (3.1M)
Appendix J (3.1M)
BO 2-2-05
Appendix K Pages 11-20 (!.4M) Appendix Pages 21-30 (2.2M) Appendix K Pages 31-40 (1.6M)
Appendix K Pages 41-50 (1.5M) Appendix K Pages 51-62 (1.6M) Appendix K Pages 63-71 (1.3M)
Appendix K Pages 72-83 (1.5M) Appendix K Pages 84-90 (2M) Appendix K Pages 91-99 (2.1M)
Appendix K Pages 100-110 (2M) Appendix K Pages 111-120 (1.6M) Appendix K Pages 121-130 (1.6M)
Appendix K Pages 131-140 (2.2M) Appendix K Pages 141-150 (1.6M) Appendix K Pages 151-160 (1.9M)
Appendix K Pages 161-170 (1.5M) Appendix K Pages 171-180 (1.3M) Appendix K Pages 181-190 (896K)
Appendix K Pages 191-200 (996K) Appendix K Pages 201-210 (1.7M)

Appendix K Pages 211-220 (1M)

Appendix K Pages 221-229 (1.2M) Appendix K Pages 230-239 (1.3M) Appendix K Pages 240-249 (44K)
Appendix K Pages 250-262 (52K)



I-5 Elk Grove Blvd to Downtown Sacramento Bus/Carpool Lane Project


Workshop 1
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Belle Cooledge Library, Community Room
5600 South Land Park Drive, Sacramento
Workshop 2
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Joseph Sims Elementary School, Multipurpose Room
3033 Buckmaster Drive, Elk Grove
Public Notice for above Workshops ( 422Kb)


Public Notice ( 258Kb)


Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, and Yuba Counties - (530) 741-4571

Yolo, and Sacramento Counties - (530) 741-5474

Nevada, Placer, and Sierra Counties - (530) 634-7640

El Dorado County or the Tahoe Basin - (530) 741-4566

Updated 7-9-12
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