California Department of Transportation - District 2

Plumas County



PLU-89 Greenville (02-0E240)

The existing drainage facilities are in need of improvements due to a lack of curb and gutter along much of the project. Several roads intersect the highway at undesirable angles. Pedestrian facilities are not continuous throughout the project limits and many of the older facilities lack design features expected under the current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The lack of ADA features and the absence of continuous sidewalks could be challenging for pedestrians to travel between Main Street and Hot Springs Road at the south end of Greenville.

The project proposes to enhance pedestrian and vehicle safety by constructing bulb-outs and other safety features to help slow traffic through the community, provide crosswalks and bring the pedestrian facilities to current ADA standards. Furthermore, the project will upgrade drainage to current standards and provide continuous curb, gutter and sidewalks from Hot Springs Road to Mill Street. This will allow easier pedestrian movement, as well as direct water from the roadway to the new drainage facilities. Some alternatives propose constructing decorative lighting and landscaping as part of the improvements.

Construction is estimated to begin in June 2015

Project Cost -Approximately $4.9 million Funding Source - STlP (State Transportation Improvement Plan)

Yellow Creek Bridge  

PLU-70 YELLOW CREEK BRIDGE REPLACEMENT (02-1C750) Photo 1, 2, 3, 4

Originally built in 1934, the Yellow Creek Bridge near Belden serves as a major link carrying State Route 70 traffic through the Feather River Canyon. The bridge does not meet current standards for width, seismic and bridge railing. This project will replace the existing bridge with a new structure consisting of two 12’ wide lanes and 8’ wide shoulders. Construction on the $6.2 million project is scheduled to begin in 2015.

Project Manager:  Eric Orr



Description:  Add rock slope protection from roadway down to the Feather River, overlay roadway within project limits, and installation of new metal beam guardrail.

Project Manager:  Eric Orr

Construction estimated to begin in July 2014



Description: Revegetation planting and temporary irrigation. The project proposes to add new trees, shrub plantings, and temporary irrigation along the highway roadside and newly constructed slopes. These improvements will help stabilize the slopes and reduce erosion in the vicinity of the new Spanish Creek Bridge.

Project Manager: Eric Orr

Construction in process