California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

Local Assistance Program


About Local Assistance

We help California local and regional agencies deliver transportation projects vital to local and state economy by effectively and efficiently utilizing State and Federal funds in accordance with State and Federal requirements.

Working With the Agencies

  • Ensures compliance with FHWA requirements through Local Assistance Procedure Manual (LAPM), Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG), Local Programs Procedures (LPP), and Office Bulletins (OB)
  • Keeps local agencies on track (AB1012)
  • Notifies agencies of potential “inactive” status on projects
  • Provides guidelines for funding
  • Provides timely announcements on existing and new programs

Background Information

Caltrans District 11, Local Assistance Program, oversees millions of dollars yearly available to over 27 cities, counties and regional agencies for the purpose of improving their transportation infrastructure, improving public safety, improving signal timing or providing transportation services.  This funding comes from various State and Federal programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of local agencies as listed below.  Last year, approximately 172 projects were serviced through the Local Assistance Program of which 67% were Federal Programs. 

The program supports Local and Regional Agencies by ensuring specific program requirements are met, project applications are processed, and projects are delivered in accordance with State and Federal requirements by the local agencies.  Additionally, orientation, training, field visits and similar support including both District 11 and Federal staff are provided to aid the local agencies in getting the most they can out of the program.


For more information please contact:

Bing Luu
Chief - Local Assistance
Caltrans, District 11
(619) 220-5311