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district system management plan (dsmp)

The DSMP is a long-range, 20-25 year, policy planning document that describes how the District envisions the transportation system will be maintained, managed, and developed during the planning horizon. It provides a vehicle for the development of multimodal, intermodal, and multijurisdictional system strategies. These strategies must be developed in partnership with related Caltrans functional units, Divisions, and Districts, as well as external partners, such as Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs), cities, counties, tribal governments, other partner agencies, and the public. As one of the Districtís long range plans, the DSMP plays a major role in guiding the development of both the Transportation Concept Reports (TCRs) and the Corridor System Management Plans (CSMPs).

DSMP is comprised of three elements: District Profile, Management Plan, and Project List.

District Profile - Updated!
The purpose of this section is to provide the context for the Management Plan and Project List sections of the DSMP. The District Profile will also serve as a high-level resource on the Districtís current and future characteristics. It includes a description of the SHS routes, transportation system, demographics, land use, transportation partners, planning efforts, and environmental setting.

Management Plan - Updated!
The Management Plan identifies the goals and policies for the District. It will describe each of the Districtís goals and the plan for achieving those goals. It will also identify the relevant transportation considerations for the District, and describe the policies and strategies the District will implement when faced with issues and questions in relation to those consideration areas. The Management Plan is meant to inform and guide decision-making within the District.

DSMP Project List
The DSMP Project List presents a District-wide, 20-25 year list of multi-modal SHS transportation improvements identified in the District CSMPs, TCRs, the ITSP, Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs), and local Capital Improvement Programs (CIPs). This will provide a current and readily available project list for our internal and external partners, including Caltrans planners, California Transportation Commission (CTC) staff, and regional agencies. The primary purpose of the DSMP Project List is to recommend a reasonable and effective range of prioritized transportation improvements for inclusion into the STIP and State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP), proposals for Project Initiation Document (PID) development, and inclusion in other funding documents.  

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