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Regional and System Planning

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Regional and System Planning Overview - District 1 Regional Planners perform a combination of duties in the area of regional transportation planning, with two main functions: Intergovernmental Review/California Environmental Quality Act (IGR/CEQA) and regional planning liaison to the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies. System Planning staff are responsible for long range planning efforts for the State Highway System and produce Transportation Concept Reports (TCRs) and the District System Management Plan (DSMP).

Regional Transportation Planning staff provide assistance to the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA) located in each of the four counties in District 1. Regional Planning Liaisons serve as the single point of contact within the District for all regional transportation planning activities. Staff assists each RTPA with development of their annual Overall Work Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, Regional Transportation Improvement Programs and with programming state and federal funds for transportation improvements important to all agencies in their respective jurisdictions. Public transportation (transit) activities include oversight and support for local agencies applying for State and Federal grant funds.

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Transit Planning
In the area of mass transit, regional planners are responsible for the administration of State and federal programs that provide funding, technical assistance and capital improvement projects for buses and other modes of transportation.

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Regional and System Planning is responsible for long range planning efforts for the State Highway System, including: