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Traffic Cameras

District 1 has closed circuit television (CCTV) camera sites spread throughout Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino counties. Most are located near changeable message signs (CMS) for verification of sign operation after a message has been programmed into the sign for display. During sign verification these cameras can provide live video, but here we provide hourly snapshots for public viewing.

Note: District 1 does not record live camera video or keep an archive of past snapshots. We only keep the last eight snapshots: As each new snapshot is taken the oldest is automatically erased.

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map of district 1 with traffic camera locations Smith River Clearlake east of 53 west of 53 Upper Lake Lake Mendocino Ukiah south of 20 north of 20 south of Willits south of Willits west of Willits Fort Bragg just south of Route 271 south of 36 North of 36 Spruce Point Eureka at R Eureka at Wabash Arcata north of 299 Berry Summit Vista Point Berry Summit south of Cushing Creek north of Cushing Creek Cresent City Stateline

Del Norte County

route 101 shield

route 199 shield

Humboldt County

route 101 shield

route 299 shield

Lake County

route 20 shield

route 53 shield

Mendocino County

route 1 shield

route 20 shield

route 101 shield