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This page contains information for many projects in District 1. Contact our Public Information Office for projects not listed here.

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Project NameCountyFact
197/199 Safe STAA AccessDel NortePDFThis project proposes improvements to Routes 197 and 199 in Del Norte County to allow larger, industry standard-sized trucks access to the North Coast from the east.
Albion River Bridge Rehabilitation/ReplacementMendocinoPDFThis project proposes to rehabilitate or replace the existing bridge.
Avenue of the Giants Four BridgesHumboldtPDFThis project proposes to upgrade existing bridge railing to current standards at four locations on the Avenue of the Giants/Route 254 in Humboldt County. These locations are Ohman Creek Bridge, Elk Creek Bridge, Bridge Creek Bridge, and Bear Creek Bridge.
Dr. Fine Bridge ReplacementDel NortePDFThis project proposes to replace the Dr. Fine Bridge over the Smith River on Route 101 north of Crescent City.
Eureka-Arcata Route 101 Corridor ImprovementHumboldtPDFThis project proposes to make improvements to Route 101 from the Eureka Slough bridges in Eurekato the 11th Street Overcrossing in Arcata.
Hunter and Panther Bridge ReplacementDel NortePDFThis project proposes to replace the Hunter Creek and Panther Creek bridges on Route 101 in Del Norte County.
Klamath River Bridge Hinge ReplacementDel NortePDFThis project proposes to replace hinges at three spans on the Klamath River Bridge on Route 101 in Del Norte County.
Lake 29 ImprovementLakePDFThis project proposes to widen an eight-mile segment of State Route 29 in Lake County to a four-lane expressway with access control. This project is located between the communities of Lower Lake and Kelseyville.
Lake 29/Hartmann Road Intersection ImprovementLake This project proposes to install a roundabout at the Route 29/Hartmann Road intersection in order to improve the safety and operation of the intersection..
Last Chance GradeDel Norte Located on Route 101 in Del Norte County, 10 miles south of Crescent City, Last Chance Grade is an area of highway prone to geological activity.
Manila Non-Motorized Transportation ImprovementHumboldt Caltrans and the County of Humboldt are proposing future projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian transportation along Route 255 through Manila.
Mendocino 4 BridgesMendocino This project proposes to widen the shoulders and install new bridge rails at Pudding Creek Bridge, Russian Gulch Bridge, Jack Peters Creek Bridge, and Little River Bridge.
Richardson Grove Improvement ProjectHumboldtPDFCaltrans proposes to adjust the roadway alignment of Route 101 through Richardson Grove State Park. This project will allow access by industry standard-sized trucks conforming to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA), which are currently prohibited north of Leggett.
Salmon Creek Bridge ReplacementMendocinoPDFThis project proposes to replace the existing bridge.
SR 20/Potter Valley Road SafetyMendocino This project proposes a number of safety improvements at the intersection of State Route 20 and Potter Valley Road in Mendocino County.
Willits BypassMendocinoPDFThis project proposes to construct a new segment of Route 101 that will bypass the City of Willits to relieve congestion, reduce delays, and improve safety.