District 8 - San Bernardino

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Encroachment Permits Office

Information Line 909-383-4526
Fax 1 909-383-4224
Fax 2 909-383-6370

Encroachment Permits Riverside Staff

Richard Goh Office Chief 909-383-4017 richard.goh@dot.ca.gov
Trish Lopez Clerical Support 909-383-7516 Trish.Lopez@dot.ca.gov
Carelia Ordaz Permit Engineer 909-383-4420 Carelia.Ordaz@dot.ca.gov
Ebraham Ebraham Permit Engineer 909-383-4508 Ebraham.T.Ebraham@dot.ca.gov
Rick Lam Permit Engineer 909-383-6921 Rick.Lam@dot.ca.gov
Arfan "Art" Haidary Permit Engineer 909-383-7553 Art.Haidary@dot.ca.gov
Payman Hatam Permit Engineer 909-383-7549 Payman.Hatam@dot.ca.gov
Martin Morris Permit Engineer 909-383-4207 Martin.Morris@dot.ca.gov
Reza Moslemi Permit Engineer 909-383-5955 Reza.Moslemi@dot.ca.gov
Surinder Sangha Permit Engineer 909-383-4020 Surinder.Sangha@dot.ca.gov

Encroachment Permits San Bernardino Staff

Ramakrishna Tadi Office Chief 909-383-4626 ramakrishna.r.tadi@dot.ca.gov
Delores Bonner Clerical Support 909-383-6371 Delores.Bonner@dot.ca.gov
Max Auyeung Permit Engineer 909-383-7973 Max.Auyeung@dot.ca.gov
Ray Behbahani Permit Engineer 909-383-6348 Ray.Behbahani@dot.ca.gov
Iman Beshay Permit Engineer 909-388-7058 Iman.Beshay@dot.ca.gov
Viren Bhatt Permit Engineer 909-383-6920 Viren.Bhatt@dot.ca.gov
Chien-Hsin Chu Permit Engineer 909-388-7727 Chien-Hsin.Chu@dot.ca.gov
Alfredo Cornejo Permit Engineer 909-383-6225 Alfredo.Cornejo@dot.ca.gov
Jabra Kawwa Permit Engineer 909-383-6483 Jabra.Kawwa@dot.ca.gov
John Mutyaba Permit Engineer 909-383-7451 John.Mutyaba@dot.ca.gov
Tan.D Nguyen Permit Engineer 909-383-7544 Tan.D.Nguyen@dot.ca.gov
Fawzi Zedan Permit Engineer 909-383-7975 Fawzi.Zedan@dot.ca.gov




Statewide Alerts and Other Information


Contact District 8

General Information:

Phone: (909) 383-4631
Fax: (909) 383-1009

Physical Address:

California Department of Transportation
District 8
464 W. 4th Street
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Mailing Address:

California Department of Transportation
District 8
464 W. 4th Street
Attn: Public Affairs
San Bernardino, CA 92401

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