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Caltrans News Release

District 11

September 15, 2017

Contact: Cathryne Bruce-Johnson

Caltrans (619) 688-6670

Caltrans Cleans Roadways Ahead of Coastal Cleanup Day

SACRAMENTO——Caltrans maintenance staff will once again clean up litter around bridges, roadways, and underpasses to support California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, Sept. 16.

During last year’s Coastal Cleanup Day efforts, Caltrans crews collected 3,200 cubic yards of litter, enough to fill nearly 200 garbage trucks, and swept 1,400 shoulder miles of roadway. Help also came from California’s Adopt-A-Highway program volunteers, with more than 200 groups collecting over 24,000 pounds of trash.

“Litter has a negative impact on our state in many ways,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “It’s more than an aesthetic issue, it also costs taxpayers millions of dollars in cleanup costs per year. California’s environment especially suffers due to roadside litter and debris washing into our storm drains and ultimately polluting our waterways.”

Over the last year, District 11 collected 194,845 bags of litter. The collective effort from all sources of litter and debris was equal to 27,835 cubic yards. District 11 spent upwards of $6,000,000 toward this effort including work crews, service contracts and roadway sweeping.
Caltrans has more than 12,000 structures and bridges above or alongside inland waterways and along the coast. Last year’s Coastal Cleanup Day activities helped collect more than 700,000 pounds of trash and recyclables in 2016, with over 59,000 volunteers participating statewide.

According to the California Coastal Commission, 70 percent of ocean debris can be linked to land-based sources. Cigarette butts and food wrappers represent most of the litter collected.

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