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  About District 11

District 11 Office Complex
District 11 Offfice Complex

- The district office is located at 4050 Taylor Street, San Diego, CA 92110. Phone: (619) 688-6699

Caltrans District 11 serves one of the most geographically and culturally diverse areas in the country and includes San Diego and Imperial counties. It spans the entire California-Mexico Border from the Pacific coast to Arizona and reaches north from the international border to Orange and Riverside counties. the district has roughly 1,000 centerline miles of urban and rural freeways and more than $781 million in current construction.

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    Visitors to the area are often amazed to find that within a few short hours it is possible to experience a sweeping range of climates and terrain – from the temperate coastal region to chilly mountain peaks and blazing desert sands. Heading east from the San Diego coastline, the landscape of canyons and mesas climbs into mountains reaching more than 6,000 feet and then drops down to 230 feet below sea level in the low desert of Imperial County.

    The District's staff of about 1,200 employees is called upon to respond to conditions that can range from wildfires and mudslides, to snow and ice removal, emergency closures during sudden blinding desert sandstorms and responding to earthquakes that occur in and near the District.

    With such diversity of the environment, the area is also known for the extraordinary variety of wildlife found in a single locale. San Diego County is second only to Hawaii when it comes to the number of native plants and animals listed as endangered or threatened species on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Register.

    With all of the California-Mexico border within its bounds, the District serves the International trade community in addition to serving area residents and tourists. There are six land ports of entry within San Diego and Imperial counties including the world's busiest at San Ysidro and California's number one port of entry for international trade truck crossings at Otay Mesa. A project is underway to construct a new tolled highway that will serve the future Otay Mesa East Port of Entry – a state-of-the-art facility to be constructed just east of the Otay Mesa POE.

    District 11 has gained considerable attention as a hub of transportation technology for the state and the nation. District projects, programs and public safety campaigns have been recognized locally, across the state and on a national level for ingenuity and innovation.

    San Diego introduced the state's first real-time traffic website and installed the nation's first moveable barrier on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

    San Diego's Interstate 15 Express Lanes Project has been acknowledged for the sophistication of the communication and engineering technology developed to create the reversible lanes to accommodate peak traffic directional changes.

    The District was also one of the pioneers in the Public Private Partnership method for highway construction in California when it partnered with a private corporation to construct the region's first toll road.

    Public safety campaigns developed and implemented in the District have won national acclaim for dramatically reducing accidents on rural San Diego highways.

    The District has taken novel approaches to create thriving environments for multiple endangered species in advance of project construction to preserve the richness of natural resources in the area. The vastness of the mitigation land developed and managed in District 11 is without parallel anywhere in the United States.

    District 11 prides itself in its commitment to providing a safe, efficient, sustainable and accessible transportation system, preserving natural resources and providing excellent service to the communities it serves.

District 11 Directors provide a living history of the region's transportation.


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