California Department of Transportation


Caltrans' Executive Board and Program Review

The Executive Board supports the mission and goals of the Department, establishes statewide policy, and makes decisions on issues of statewide significance.

The Board is comprised of Caltrans Director, Chief Deputy Director, Deputy Directors and District Directors. The Board, established as a result of the 2012 Program Review, enhances accountability and ensures that decisions are vetted and approved by all Caltrans executive managers.

Caltrans’ Program Review, developed in collaboration with our external partners, emphasized opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness. The Program Review Report summarizes our accomplishments and highlights efforts in three categories:

  • Actions assessing and reducing environmental impacts
  • Actions collaborating with our partners to improve project delivery
  • Actions increasing Caltrans’ efficiency, improving department processes

Click on the following links to access the Program Review documents:

Caltrans must continue to be an organization that is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. This requires healthy internal and external partnerships, and the establishment of a business culture that exemplifies the highest ethical and professional standards throughout our entire workforce.